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Happy 2018

Last year, I finally broke down and purchase the e-commerce site to help my friend purchase a dog stocking. I had been putting this purchase off for awhile and then afterwards i had wondered why I waited so long to do it.

This year is devoted to helping the Taylor County Humane Society even more. I have decided that with every K9 purchase 25% is going toward TCHS. I am excited about this. This line is going to consist of bandanas, handbags that have poop bags dispenser, bow ties and hopefully more stockings.

I am even excited about the quilts that are about to be made. I would like to make some for the babies that have been orphaned. I feel like this is my way of giving back with my ability to sew.

I am so looking forward to see what else I can make. I just love to make things. I am a creator. Its my passion along with my fitness passion. I look forward to helping people be healthy.

I thank you for following me and seeing what GOD has in store for me this new year.

From me

Penny V.

#humanesociety #dogs #cats #handbags #bandanas #stockings #bowties #quilts #ecommerce #passion #talents

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